About Thoi Moi Canada

The world may be connected by this intricate web of the internet but without the right conduits, it will be practically impossible to filter the humungous amount of information, not to mention the impracticality in discerning what data is accurate and what isn’t. To the widespread Vietnamese communities who have been calling the beautiful country of Canada their home, there was a need to connect with their erstwhile homeland which they so love. To ensure that the bond which was forged at birth sustained its strength and the future generations feel the need to connect with their culture, Thoi Moi Canada came into being in the year 2009.

With a humble beginning, that of a small weekly newspaper in Toronto, Thoi Moi Canada has now spread its wings far and wide and is currently an extremely well-known newspaper company attracting and distributing a wide variety of news and information to the Vietnamese community in GTA as well as in selected areas in Ontario. Beginning its media journey with a circulation strength of 13,000, Thoi Moi Canada has grown rapidly to hit the 50,000 mark.

Keeping our ethical standards sky high to ensure that our readers get the most accurate news in their very own language, we have spread our web high and wide to cover a range of topics including all the important local news, significant happenings in the country (Canada), vital events, changes and transformations in Vietnam, loads of community news and information for the benefit of the Canadian Vietnamese population, crucial science and technology news for the scientific minds, stories of yesteryear for the history buffs, short and inspiring stories for the literature enthusiasts, news from the world of entertainment and health and life news to better the lives of our readers.

Rapidity, accuracy and ethics – three words that drive our efforts to bring news to our readers!

Mailing Address:
260 Edgeley Boulevard, Unit 30
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 3Y4

Tel: 416-848-7435
Fax: 647-557-3398